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“The female Marvin Gaye.” -Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs, KKUP

A multi-disciplinary artist with work rooted in poetry, storytelling, sound engineering and activism, AhSa-Ti Nu utilizes her voice as a means of expressing soulful words in a contemporary context.  In 2016 AhSa-Ti Nu celebrated the release of her debut, full length album “REBORN”, a much- anticipated effort, that soulfully combines old school rhythm and blues, classical jazz, reggae roots with a little funk on top. In 2018 AhSa-Ti Nu, in collaboration with The Dust Collector, released an album simply titled Nu Dust, which connects listeners to her sense of storytelling and activism. In 2020 AhSa-Ti Nu produced her first music film entitled Overlooked Giants: A Parable of Queer Women of Color in the Arts. In this piece AhSa-Ti Nu writes songs, poems and directs this film inspired by true stories of queer women of color artist. Her dynamic performances are engaging, uplifting and a testament to AhSa-Ti Nu’s burgeoning talent. 


AhSa-Ti Nu’s influences of gospel, jazz, rhythm & blues and rock continue to shape her goal as an artist: to create music that everyone can connect to emotionally and spiritually. Her creative process centers on the integrity and social context of communities of color, using various art forms to act as modes of resistance and empowerment for the marginalized. Through her art, AhSa-Ti Nu slides effortlessly between soulful riffs, heartfelt lyrics and fun grooves that are undeniable. Created to ignite, fuel and empower the spirit, every song and poem keeps the listener deliciously in tune throughout.


Having performed at notable venues and festivals across the United States, AhSa- Ti Nu is no stranger to the stage. In recent times, she has supported the likes of Sean Hayes, The Stone Foxes, Meklit Hadero, Quinn DeVeaux and Blue Beat Review and many more. Stepping gracefully into the spotlight, AhSa-Ti Nu is a terrifically talented solo artist whose music is starting to reach different corners of the globe, and rightfully so.

“Everyday music finds a new way to move me, and I am grateful to be moved.” - AhSa-Ti Nu


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