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Overlooked Giants takes a deeper look into the lives of Queer Women of color who have, and are, making careers for themselves in the arts industry. From singers and musicians, dancers, poets, painters and writers, each artist shares their experience of being a woman of color, and creating art in a world that has often relegated them to the margins. AhSa-Ti Nu conducts in-depth interviews with artists, recording their narratives about what it is like for them to carry the weight of being queer women of color as they share their art. 

These stories give light to the many challenges and sacrifices faced by these women, as they look to succeed in an industry that limits women and their contributions.  The words of the profound women interviewed offer an opportunity to see the women who have been pushed to the backgrounds and yet have been fearless in expressing themselves through their artistry. Exploring the narratives of how queer women of color have sustained their identities through their artistry. We will uncover the over-sexualized expectations of women in a male-dominated industry, and looks at the sacrifices necessary to create a space for queer women of color. Evoking the realism of love, relationship, family, religion, misogyny, gender conformity, racism and sexualization, Overlooked Giants aims to engage with the community and inspire the next generation of Queer artists.

AhSa-Ti Nu’s creative process centers on the integrity and social context of communities of color, showing how music and poetry can act as modes of resistance and empowerment for the marginalized. Her work seeks to provide a platform for underrepresented communities and to create a space for the voices and experiences of women of color to be heard and seen. AhSa-Ti Nu uses her performances to challenge racism, misogyny, misrepresentation and centuries of oppression. The content of her presentations are deeply rooted in the rich sounds of African-American music through jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, reggae and rock as she seeks to engage in mutual teaching and learning with community members. For years AhSa-Ti performed as a background vocalist with accomplished artists in various genres. 

It is AhSa-Ti Nu’s goal to push the boundaries of commonplace practices of injustice in American society, and to inspire others to do the same. In a time where lives continue to be challenged and even taken due to race, gender, sexual or affectional orientation, it is imperative to empower those who are oppressed. It is more important than ever to represent and celebrate the strength, resilience and perseverance our queer women communities have demonstrated for generations and to give voice for generations to come. 

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